Outrageous Brilliance: Sausage Party / Rated 5 Screens

photo credit: Seth Rogen via photopin (license)

photo credit: Seth Rogen via photopin (license)

NO CHILD SHOULD SEE THIS FILM!!!! It was a rare stroke of genius that took the form of a cartoon movie. There have been uproarious cartoons in the past i.e. Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park. (They are in filth order, from dirty to shocking) Sausage Party raises the bar to a new low. The aforementioned films and shows make use of modern themes while expressing them with outlandish gambits that live action films can’t.

Sausage Party makes use of an all-star cast to bolster its theme. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Bill Hader, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, and Kristen Wiig are among a few of the celebrity voices used to bring these grocery store inhabitants to life. Deserving special mention is an actual Hollywood all-star Edward Norton whom lends his talents to this immaturity. Don’t overlook the importance of having real stars behind the microphone. Remember that it was Robin Williams that brought the Genie to life and made the character last.

Please do not mistake my intentions. I mean only to say that actors are important even in animation. I do not mean to suggest any of these characters will be as memorable as the Genie.

In truth Sausage Party is a discussion on issues such as Faith, Meaningless Human Divisions, and Sex. There are stereotypical depictions of various ethnicities and religions such as Judaism, Islam, the Germans, Native Americans, and Italians. As with any Seth Rogen picture there’s heavy use of Jewish humor (whether it is tasteful or not is in question). One of the main characters was a bagel named appropriately, Bagel. Voiced by Edward Norton who was doing his best Woody Allen impression the character developed a friendship with Lavash, a Middle Eastern Flatbread. The two develop a bond on their journey finding common ground in their discovery of love, friendship, and humus!

Once Seth resolved the tensions in the Middle East he moved on to the crisis of faith. The movie revolves around the supermarket foods believing that once human buyers or “gods” choose them, they enter a heavenly great beyond. The immortal “non perishables” aka Twinkies, Grits, and Alcohol created this fiction in order to bring peace to the market dwellers. Before the genesis (so to speak) the residents lived in terror of the coming slaughter. After generations of this leap of faith a lustful sausage stumbles upon the truth, in the form of an illustrated cook book.

The sausage’s attempt to convince his compatriots that their beliefs have been in vain results in a riot. His religious awakening comes after a particularly devout Bun named Brenda Bunderson claims that the misfortune befalling them is a result of their sinful ways. No Rogen outing is complete without gratuitous sex and this is no exception. Though they may be edible it doesn’t prevent the cast from getting down and dirty.

The concept of this flick is absolutely genius. It is as simple as “What if food had feelings”? Can you imagine the almost Psycho like reaction the public would have if this were done as a serious film. Countless viewers could not step into the shower after watching Perkins attack Janet Leigh in the shower. If Alfred Hitchcock or the late Wes Craven directed this picture then people would be in therapy after their last Barbeque. Apart from concept the execution was spot on. The jokes were obvious in places while being smart and subtle in others. The last ten minutes will scar you for life.

If you have scruples then stay home!!! But if you’re in the mood for fun and willing to have an open mind then you’ll have a great time.

This is a 5 Screen Film according to G2TS.

Stay Glued to the Screen

Neil Carroll


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