Can’t Hardly Wait… For Jennifer Love Hewitt!!

photo credit: 63081563 via photopin (license)

photo credit: 63081563 via photopin (license)

Most men who ripened during the mythic age known only as the 90’s, remember the magic that was Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was glorious. Yes, it’s true she may not be the Meryl Streep of acting. However this starving artist says she is the Marilyn Monroe of hotness (at least in the 90s). Jen recently released  some interesting gossip on social media that has created a snowball effect. Back in 1998 we were hip deep in teen movies. The American Pie series revolutionized the raunchy teen-comedy genre and Clueless was proving that female leads could score huge laughs in said category. Hollywood took stock and realized at this time the most actionable young female lead across several genres was Jennifer Love Hewitt. She had humble beginnings in Sister Act 2 and then leapt to a major hit from the period, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Can’t Hardly Wait (CHW), took an interesting turn with this style of filmmaking. Naturally Jennifer was the hot girl at the center of all the boys’ interest leading to a good deal of screen time (which we thank the studio for). This flick was knew an interesting for the times as it brought about a change that was so subtle at the time it has gone unrecognized. Today we love to sit and watch the raunchy, Judd Apatow-esc films and look out for the celebrity cameos. Can’t Hardly Wait was one of the first to accomplish this interestingly and successfully. Now, be forewarned this was the late nineties so the names that constitute celebrity status may not impress today but in fairness this is the generation that made the Kardashians famous. CHW had some walk-ons by Jerry O’Connell, Jenna Elfman, and Melissa Joan Heart.

Let me put those names in terms our younger readers may understand. These three actors/ actresses are like Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, and Kaley Cuoco. Not to mention the ensemble style of the flicks casting. This gem gave birth to some names that would go on to achieve major fame. Just a few names that appear in this mini marvel leading to successful careers are Jason Segel, Seth Green, Donald Faison, and Freddy Rodriguez. Can’t Hardly Wait oft goes unappreciated for its contribution to cinema and the teen-comedy. Name brand flicks like the above mentioned American Pie steal its thunder yet in recent years it has found a cult following. Furthermore, and unsurprisingly that cult audience is so devoted it may lead to a sequel.

This is not a film that needs or even asked to have a follow-up edition. What makes this a possible reality is the success of the Wet Hot American Summer reunion series. This was well received by a multitude of fans but driven to realty by their original cult fans. To keep it short this growing interest in a part 2 will be fun and could be financially sound. Bringing back this cast will lead to a great flick.

Finally, Jennifer Love Hewitt should just be in every movie ever. She has stayed relevant and profit ale as well as hugely attractive (granted that is just for us original CHW fans).

Stay Glued to the Screen

Neil Carroll


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