Trailer Talk: Man of Steel, This Is the End, Monsters University And More June Movies Rated By Their Trailers

Trailer Talk is a new feature here at Glued 2 The Screen that will appear each month. We’re going to break down the movies opening this month and let you know whether or not you should go see them based solely on their trailer.

The Internship- June 7

This movie looks like it reflects Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s careers. Much like their characters in the movie, Vaughn and Wilson were both extremely successful a few years ago but now look like their struggling to fit in with a younger generation. Let’s face it, the last couple of outings for these two haven’t gone so well (aside from Wilson being in Oscar nominated Midnight in Paris). It looks like the pair is trying to grasp for some of the magic they were able to conjure in Wedding Crashers but it looks pretty clear, especially with their recent track record, that this isn’t going to come close.

Verdict: I might end up seeing bits and pieces of this when it’s on TBS or something.

The Purge- June 7

This is one of the most improbable and crazy plot lines I’ve ever seen. One night a year people are allowed to break the law, which makes crime at an all-time low because of it. In the first few seconds of this trailer I thought that this looked pretty dumb. By the end of it I though that it was kind of brilliant in its own way.

The Purge looks like the kind of absurd filth that moviegoers love. It’s purely for entertainment and thrills and nothing else. As long as it doesn’t try to send me some sort of strong message or moral, I’m all in on this movie.

Verdict: Wait for it to come out on dvd, rent it and tell no one.

This Is the End– June 12

Any time you laugh out loud during the trailer could mean one of two things. Either the movie is going to be hilarious and you’re in for a treat, or they used all of the good jokes in the trailer because that was the only way they could get you to see the movie. I’m thinking that the trailer is just a small sample of all the laughs in this film. Unlike ensemble movies that actors participate in just for the paycheck, This Is the End looks like a rare ensemble movie that everyone signed up for because it was a good script and seemed like it would be a blast to make. Any time you can get this many talented comedians together, plus Rihanna falling down a fiery death pit, you’re on the right track.

Verdict: How could you not want to see a movie with the line, “Hermione just stole all of our shit”? Go see this in theaters and laugh along with everyone there.

Man of Steel- June 14

This is possibly one of the best trailers ever made. I’ve watched it so many times it’s sickening. Needless to say the movie looks out of this world. Reinventing Superman is no easy task. There are some large shoes to fill after Christopher Reeves dawned the red cape and we saw how bad someone can crash and burn with Superman Returns. If anyone can do it though, it’s Chris Nolan. The approach to make what seems like a sci-fi, alien invasion take on Superman could be a great new spin to a character that has grown stale over the years. With Russell Crowe voiceovers (spoken, not singing), Kevin Costner emotional speeches, Michael Shannon villainy and Amy Adams’ history as a brilliant actor, it would be difficult to mess this one up.

Verdict: I can see Man of Steel being the best movie of the summer. I’m seeing it the first Friday it’s out. You should too.

Monsters University- June 21

Wading in the waters of a sequel can be dangerous, especially when it comes to animated movies. It’s both fortunate and unfortunate that Pixar is behind the sequel to Monsters Inc. Pixar put out two brilliant followups to Toy Story, but they also made a stinker when they came out with the cash-grab that was Cars 2. Unlike Cars 2 though, Monsters University is coming out after a significant layoff which could be a good sign for the development of the film. While the trailer isn’t awe-inspiring, the fact that it’s a product of Pixar makes it a must-see.

Verdict: For nostalgia sake, I’m going to go see this in theaters since I always felt Monsters Inc. was underrated and was always one of my favorite Pixar movies.

World War Z- June 21

“Meh.” That’s my reaction to this trailer. I foresee World War Z suffering from the same problem Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter suffered from. (Also, if your movie is being used in the same sentence as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it’s not a good sign). Both are genre films that are trying to put a twist on it in order to create a blockbuster. AL:VH‘s was obviously having Abraham Lincoln kill vampires while WWZ‘s is having Brad Pitt blow up zombies with super-speed. Lincoln killing vampires wasn’t enough for that movie and super-fast zombies doesn’t look like it will be enough for this one.

Verdict: This is a “wait-and-see” movie or, if my Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter analogy is correct, it’s a “wait-and-don’t-see” movie.

The Heat- June 28

We might finally have the followup to Bridesmaids that we’ve been waiting for from Melissa McCarthy. It helps that Kevin Fiege, directed Bridesmaids and is now directing The Heat. We’ll find out soon enough whether or not the pairing truly does bring out the best in McCarthy, but from the looks of the trailer this seems to be the case. I said above that there are two possible outcomes for a movie trailer that makes you laugh out loud. This time I’m worried that all of the funny parts are used up. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

Verdict: I’m excited to see this one but not enough to pay $12. I’ll wait for it on Netflix.

White House Down- June 28

They had me when they said “From the director of Independence Day” and lost me when they said he also directed Day After Tomorrow and 2012. The movie has Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, both of whom are on fire lately, so maybe that will negate the fact that someone associated with 2012 is also associated with this movie. The action and humor seem great in the trailer and this could be a fun summer film. I see this falling somewhere between a good Olympus Has Fallen and a bad Die Hard seeing as it’s basically a combination of the two movies.

Verdict: If it’s really hot on June 28th and you want to go cool off at the movies, I guess you could give this one a shot. (At least I’ll telling myself that’s the reason I’m waiting in line for a ticket).


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    • I think a lot of people would be happy with that. Check back tomorrow for an article on the season finale of GoT. Maybe we’ll get a surprise with Cersei. After the last episode anything can happen.

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