Breaking Amish Gives You A Hard To Find Reason To Watch TLC

Photo Credit: cdorobek via photopin cc

Photo Credit: cdorobek via photopin cc

Holy no electricity Batman, the Amish have a television show!

Yes, my jest aside, it is true these humble folk decided they wanted a slice of the always classy, never insincere, entertainment world. Having completed one full season, TLC has decided to renew the show and a whole new band of innocents get to venture into Babylon.

The show is built around the idea of “will they or wont they” return to their Amish lifestyle. To make the choice even harder (or easier, depending on your view of L.A.) they are sending the kids to Hollywood. Though this sounded like a remake of an older show that brought regular folk to Beverly Hills; that is swimming pools, movie stars (you know where this is going).

In any event, here they come. The five chosen ones, which sounds a bit too serious… the stars of the show (better) begin experimenting the moment they leave. Alcohol, clubs, and liaisons are among the experimentation materials. Is this really a good idea? I suppose reality TV has finished decaying our civilization and has now moved onto an unsuspecting populace. I love living in this realm but it just seems a little like a tiger pouncing on a blind deer. However, they have opted to do this so I suppose they should get our full support.

Who am I to judge a gas burning, Internet using, TV junkie like myself? I can tell them what they can expect, which is a mixed bag. On the one hand, there is the negativity that comes with excess drinking, late nights, selfishness, and Honey Boo-Boo. On the other hand, there is a lot of good in our corner of the world here. It might take a little searching, but there is powerful selflessness and goodwill. Being instantly connected can, if used right, keep a distant family united. Most importantly, there is the ability to Stay Glued 2 the Screen (you know you love it). It might not be such a bad idea. I’m a proponent in a big bad way of learning about other people. So I’ll support their exploration.

I’ve been through my fair share of power outages. So, for a short while anyway, I lived not unlike the Amish. I switched on my candles and cracked open my books. Granted they were Star Wars or other entertainment publications, but still I was reading. I tend to treat reality TV harshly because of my amazement that over-tanning, child beauty pageants, or being a Kardashian means you’re allowed to have a career. But I am aware that some of our readership is made up of reality addicts, so I’ll make a compromise. I’ll support Breaking Amish because these seem like good honest folk. Maybe we can all learn from each other (plus now we can’t make fun. They’ll see it).

Stay Glued to the Screen



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