Sony’s Getting Bold With Spider-Man Sequel Announcements

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures via

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures via

Don’t get ahead of yourself, Sony, because you might start swinging on the web and realize that it’s not attached to anything.

Sony recently announced two more Amazing Spider-Man movies to follow the current sequel set for May 2, 2014.

This is a bold move given the results of the previous Spider-Man incarnation. Tobey Maguire looked as though he could do no wrong until the tears came in Spiderman 3.

It just seems a little presumptuous to announce not one, but two more installments. It is especially odd to do so before release of the first sequel in the new series. We’ve watched many a superhero franchise implode by the third film (some sooner).

Let’s start with Batman circa 1989. Michael Keaton and Tim Burton rocketed Batman into the lives of a whole new generation of viewers. However, the next installment began the downward spiral that led to the Dark Knight’s rise in the Nolan-verse. Thankfully, Keaton opted out of the role that eventually went to Val Kilmer under Schumacher’s regime (nipples on the Batsuit was just the last straw).

Earlier proof rests in the Superman franchise when Christopher Reeve still wore the suit. The first two films were the stuff of legend until Superman 3 arrived and I won’t talk about Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. For the record, though I love Richard Pryor, he belonged in Superman 3 about as much as Orlando Bloom belongs in anything (not very much).

The current Christian Bale Batman series ended its run at three, and wisely so. Dark Knight Rises was a great flick but showed noticeable signs of falling to just about average. Iron Man 3 was a let down worthy of its own article (you know that it will get it’s own article). By the third film it seems like these franchises take a lot for granted.

The people in charge of creating movies of our favorite superheroes shouldn’t take too many liberties with just because you make a few million. We trust you to translate a carefully scripted comic book legend to the screen. The legwork is done. Feel free to throw some curve balls, just keep your eye on the strike zone.

The Amazing Spiderman was a good movie that the old and new generation could watch. It seemed to aim at a younger audience then Batman or even Iron Man but that’s to be expected.  Peter Parker is a teenager and this is where the trouble will start for Spidey in today’s superhero industry. Because Sony isn’t going to give up the reigns of Spider-Man to Disney he wont be in the Avengers universe. This means Spider-Man has to make it on his own. If the films start to fade (which they might starting with this new one that isn’t even out yet) there won’t be the promise of an appearance in the Avengers to bolster viewership. Everyone wants that moment where Samuel L. Jackson arrives to say “I want to talk to you for a minute,” but that’s not going to happen, folks. So, my message to Sony is to slow it on down. Don’t count your chickens, or spiders, before they hatch.


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