“Game of Thrones”Aftershocks!!!


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“May the seven save you, brother”. More like “May the seven gods beat you with sticks for an hour and then light a candle before exploding the known world”. That’s a long way to say the season finale of Game of Thrones was some of the best television I’ve witnessed in a long time.


Ok, short and sweet. Prior to the season finale we were graced with the “Battle of the Bastards”. For non-avid fans know that this occurs between the armies of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton (who is particularly horrible). Upon the field of battle late in the episode we see Snow’s army in dire straights. While being encircled by the enemy Jon finds himself being slowly crushed to death by the stampeding feet and bodies of his men. These few moments rank among the best-shot film in tv history.

Game of Thrones has done a lot for the advancement of television. (No, not in the sense of raising money for failing stations). “GOT” has pushed the limits and altered the average storytelling process, which we as viewers have come to see as a required blueprint. Those latest 8 or so minutes have now launched the show into even more rarified air. Watching Jon Snow struggle to breath through extremely uncomfortable close ups intermittently interrupted by the sound and sight of stomping feet and flesh.

Why then do I say that the season finale was the best television I’ve seen? Well, selfishly it’s because I love it and Decisiveness has won (for the moment). Cersei Lannister is one of the only characters to have a mission and complete it. She wants to save her remaining boy, maintain power, and punish those that have offended her and her family. In an almost “Godfather-esc” style, she settled all family debts in one day.

What people don’t understand is those characters that have dispatched their enemies with little hesitation have suffered comparatively less than those who torture and imprison theirs. If they hadn’t hesitated to eliminate, “The Mother of Dragons”, in season one guess what, no dragons no problems.

Cersei, to steal a phrase, “Burns them all”. In the first half of one episode we eliminate over 6 major characters. Further, this action places her physically on the throne and out from behind the scenes.

Naturally there will be ramifications and repercussions. Especially with a gigantic armada sailing West.

I encourage respectful disagreement or affirmation of my thesis on Twitter or Facebook. Keep tuning in to Game of Thrones!

Stay Glued to the Screen

Neil Carroll


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