Hangover And Community Star Ken Jeong Needs More Screen Time

Can someone please give this man some more exposure? Photo Credit: jC3 studio via photopin cc

Can someone please give this man some more exposure? Photo Credit: jC3 studio via photopin cc

Ken Jeong of Hangover fame is, in fact, the man. His performances have made him my guilty pleasure comedian. I say guilty pleasure because there’s not enough of him out there. As well as being small in stature, his video availability is minuscule as well. Thus, to see him I have to delve deep into my DVD collection and pull out Knocked Up or The Hangover and pop it in when there are no impressionable ears around.

I will tell you this, those youngsters with sponge-like brains will soon be sneaking views of these awesome flicks in their own guilty pleasure way. The Hangover will become the Porky’s of a whole new generation, if it’s not already. Moving forward, I know, having only seen The Hangover 3 the other day, I’m behind millions of satisfied viewers (but we had to launch this masterpiece of a website so let’s not get too angry with me). Hangover 3 was just as awesome as its previous two installments. However, instead of reviewing the movie, I would much rather spend hundreds of words in this article praising Ken Jeong.

The angry doctor dude from Knocked Up is actually an MD. That’s right. Before leaping naked out of a trunk, this gentleman was a well-dressed, stuffed shirt type. What better way is there to burst out of your scrubs and onto the comedy scene than literally bursting out of your scrubs? I think this little factoid is exceptionally interesting considering how few actors become physicians. Growing up in North Carolina, he hails far from the comedy capitol of the world, otherwise known as Canada. Don’t let that fact about his southern roots dissuade you; America can produce awesome comedians (definitely an article on that subject to come).

Mr. Chow, as I lovingly refer to him now, is also a series regular on the NBC show Community. His role as the overzealous Spanish teacher and wannabe member of the cool crowd is sidesplitting. Sadly this show, which is the best way to see Jeong in a continuous stream, is fledgling. In fact, they took a major hit by losing comedy legend Chevy Chase (USA represent).

Here is where it’s all about to get controversial. Ken Jeong can save the day and fill the gap left by Chevy. Yes, he’s already in the show thus not replacing him, but can now take even more screen time. Giving this crazed comedic genius more screen time in any medium is a great idea.

Now, the so eloquently phrased tagline for The Hangover 3 is “The End”. So, though we may hope for a fourth chapter, presumably, from this morsel of Shakespearean writing that is the tagline, this is the end of Mr. Chow. This prospect deeply saddens me. My only recourse, which is why I mentioned the show, is to watch this man on television.

Naturally, his talent has captured the attention of many filmmakers that brought him in for a bit part in totally respectable flicks like Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, and Despicable Me (we adults can admit to watching it), but nothing yet has captured his full talent.

What this is coming down to is- GIVE THIS MAN HIS OWN MOVIE. It doesn’t have to be the character Chow or his television persona Mr. Chang (anybody else smell a little type casting here?) but please do this for the viewers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to make this article a touch shorter so you may dig into your own film collections and watch as much Jeong as possible. Go ahead, I can wait. I assure you I’ll be here rambling on about Ken, American comedians and lord knows what else. So enjoy and check in tomorrow to what in the entertainment world we should be spending our valuable time on.

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