July Movie Trailer Talk: The Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim, The Wolverine & More

Trailer Talk is a feature at Glued 2 The Screen that will appear each month. We’re going to break down the movies opening within the month and let you know whether or not you should go see them based solely on their trailer.

 Despicable Me 2- July 3
As we discussed in the first installment of Trailer Talk, sequels are not easy to pull off, especially when it comes to animated movies. It’s typical for a studio to take a successful animated film and rush a sequel as a way to cash in rather than creating something equal to the standards set by the first film.
So far Monsters University has proven itself to be a bit more than just a cash grab, though not by too much. The hope is that the second incarnation of Despicable Me will follow in Monsters U‘s footsteps but the trailer does not leave hopes very high. There isn’t much revealed to us to make viewers excited. The only thing going for it are the minions who are hilarious in all of the trailers Despicable Me has put out. Had they only put out teaser trailers like this one I would’ve been much more excited.
Verdict: Hold off for a week or two to see what the response is from critics and friends. Unless you can’t resist those minions, in which case I don’t blame you.
The Lone Ranger- July 3
There are a few things that look like they’re going to bother me with this movie:
1. I don’t buy Armie Hammer as a lead man. I feel like the guy from The Social Network is just going to cry the whole time about being a ghost like he and his twin cried about their website being stolen.
2. I don’t buy Armie Hammer as a name either. Being the professional that I am, I looked up Hammer on Wikipedia and it says that Armie is short for Armond. Armond is way less corny than Armie. Should’ve stuck with it, Armie. Now you have a ridiculous name.
3. Is it just me or is Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Tonto a little racist. I don’t want to be that person that brings up unwarranted accusations of racism but I can’t shake the feeling.
Verdict: Wait for this to be on television a bajillion times like all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Grown Ups 2- July 12
This looks unbearable.
Anytime you have to have a flashback to the only semi-funny moment in the first film, you’re clearly headed for a disaster.
Verdict: Do I really need to elaborate on this trailer? It’s pretty straight forward.
Pacific Rim- July 12
They’re finally making a Transformers movie that looks good!
How someone hasn’t thought to combine giant sea monsters with giant robots yet is beyond me. This is pure genius, especially with the outstanding cast that was assembled.
Pacific Rim takes some great television actors and puts them in their first blockbuster films (Stringer Bell from The Wire, Jax and Clay from Sons of Anarchy and Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia).
Verdict: Stringer Bell giving an inspirational speech with an English accent to robot pilots that are about to fight Godzilla? I’m 100% there.
Turbo- July 17
Shockingly, I’m ok with everyone in Red 2 being past their prime as far as their movie careers go.
I admittedly have not seen the first Red movie, but this trailer makes me want to go back and see it. If they made a sequel with a returning cast like this, then the original must have been a pretty solid movie.
i also kind of love how the trailer mentions that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins have won Academy Awards when that clearly has zero relevance to this particular movie.
Verdict: I’m definitely going to watch the Red and then decide whether or not Red 2 is worth it.
R.I.P.D.- July 19
This movie has two things going against it- it’s starring Ryan Reynolds and the trailer clearly shows Jeff Bridges trying to hard to be funny.
Bridges’ role was originally meant for comedian Zach Galifianakis. It’s apparent that when Galifianakis turned the role down, they mad changes to the character so that Bridges could play a combination of The Dude and Rooster Cogburn from True Grit. It doesn’t look like it’ a good fit.
Verdict: If there’s one consistent trend in Hollywood, it’s being able to successfully bet against a Ryan Reynolds film. I don’t know what happened to this former uprising star but his movie selection has been nothing short of abysmal.
The To-Do List- July 26
Bridesmaids has paved the way for two of the summer’s biggest comedies, Heat and The To-Do List. It seems as though raunchy female comedies are the new trend and it’s hard not to hop on the bandwagon.
It’s about time there has been a legitimate American Pie-like comedy created from a woman’s perspective. We have all seen movies about high school guys trying to lose their virginity before college over and over again but rarely, if ever, have we seen girls doing the same thing.
Verdict: I think this could change the game again for comedies with female stars as the leads just like Bridesmaids did. it’s just adding to another type of comedy that shows off just how skilled women are in comedy.
The Wolverine- July 26
I’m not sure what to make of The Wolverine based on its trailer. On the one hand, it seems like Fox has made great strides to fix the mess it created with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. On the other, Fox made X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
Creating a samurai movie could be the answer Fox has been looking for as Wolverine fans hold onto hope that he can carry his own film.
Verdict: Counting down the days until Marvel buys back the rights for X-Men so that they can start doing things the right way and add to their movie universe.
The Smurfs 2- July 31
Just posting this trailer within this article is too much.
Verdict: No. Just no.

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