Superman & Batman: The Team-Up We’ve All Been Waiting For

Photo Credit: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment via

Photo Credit: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment via

The wait is over, DC fans. The greatest superhero duo in the history of comic book crossover team-ups is upon us.

Following an announcement of a Justice League of America movie in 2017, news was given that Batman and Superman will now appear together in a live-action major motion picture.

Since the arrival of The Avengers in 2012, we knew a team flick was possible. Given the recent news about Batman appearing in the next Man Of Steel, the Justice League can only be a few short installments away.

The announcement was made at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend.  It seems as though DC is going to follow the pattern set by Marvel. Each film from here on out should contain a brief appearance of different members of the League.

Following the Marvel course may seem sacrilegious to DC fans at first, but the success cannot be denied. Further, from the sound of Zack Snyder’s announcement, Batman will play a substantially larger role then just a cameo.

Superman and Batman have had so much commercial success in both animated and literary forms that it is only logical for this to be the next step.

The 90’s cartoons for these two heroes led to the formation of the 2001 Justice League cartoon. This was the most successful of the animated ventures until the 2008 Justice League: The New Frontier animated film was released.

The real and frightening question becomes, “Who gets cast as Batman?” The entire cast from Man Of Steel is returning (which, apart from this team-up, is the only good news). As I have said in my review of the film, I would have replaced both writer and director in hopes of a better-shot movie. The plot, though interesting, needed work and there should have been someone in the room that read the comics a little closer.

However, the money talks and my review walks. The latest superhero flick with Cavill as the titular character has built four walls on the foundation of the Chris Nolan Bat-verse. Now we have to see what the house is going to look like.

Zack Snyder can continue to toy with the Superman character all he likes, but leave Batman to the professionals. Namely, give control over to Nolan and David S. Goyer.

We all know Nolan, but weather you realize it or not, you know Goyer as well. He penned many a DC project including work on all three Christian Bale Batman installments. He is a genius, but is his creativity enough to overcome the obstacle no one is discussing? Can Batman fit into the Man of Steel universe? One cannot recreate the past, but I would have created a Metropolis more conducive to Batman.

One of my criticisms of the flick was that the last fight sequence was t0o over the top and confusing. We get it, he can fly and fight fast, but slow it down enough so humans can see and enjoy it.

Batman would have fit right into the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve style of filming. (By the way, those films still hold up because it gives you a universe, a visual, and a Superman we can all relate to). Remember, these two characters have to be able to grow as a team and as friends. They must place complete faith in each other.

Can this be achieved given the vast difference between their worlds? And by worlds, I don’t mean Earth and Krypton, but instead the films that accompany each respectively.

Before I get caught up in criticism, let me express my hopes. I believe that if the driving forces behind the film care enough to involve the fans with knowledge of the characters, we’ll be all right. These two superheroes have so much potential and so much source material that it must succeed. Over the years, the comic books alone could provide enough story lines to make a hundred films.

The two have been depicted as best of friends until the mid 80’s and Frank Miller’s series The Dark Knight Returns. Miller explored the idea of the two being at odds with each other. It was revolutionary and led to the great debate over who would win in a fight (Batman).

The fight has taken place in the comics and I wont spoil anything. I will say that there is winning a fight and winning a war. One takes brute force, the other a brilliant mind. This is what makes these characters a winning team. Now, can they make a winning film?

In related news a Flash movie was also announced at Comic Con slated for a 2016 release date. More on Flash later.

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