Mature Immaturity: Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University

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Admit it. You love kids’ movies just as much as I do.

Well, maybe not as much as I do, but saying you don’t love Toy Story is just a bold faced lie. Telling me that you don’t laugh at Shrek is just not true. Say to me that you didn’t cry when Mufasa died in the Lion King and your nose will start growing.

It’s time to finally recognize how great childrens’ movies can be. They’re everyone’s unacknowledged guilty pleasure. If you’re a man you might say that your guilty pleasure movie is a “chick-flick” and if your a woman you might say that it’s a bloody action movie, but the majority of people will not say that it’s an animated feature.

Why can’t we all just admit how much we actually love these movies?

That’s what we will be trying to do here with Glued 2 The Screen’s new feature, “Mature Immaturity.” When we come across a good kids’ movie that we enjoy, we’ll write about it and let you know so that you can sneak off and see it by yourself, or use your little brother as an excuse to go see it. Regardless of your made up reason, you and I both know that you want to see these movies just as much as the little cousins you offered to babysit solely to take them to the movies.

With that said, here are two movies that you should immediately go pretend you didn’t see:

Monsters University:

Monsters University is a solid follow up to Pixar’s Monsters Inc. but it also doesn’t pack the same roar as its predecessor.

Our two favorite monster’s, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, are at it again, but this time we get to see the story of how they met in college.

It’s tough to top the first that gave us the great relationship between Boo, a human child, and Sully, a gigantic monster. Theirs more than Sully and Mike’s relationship, is what made Monsters Inc. so special. Mike and sully’s relationship and interactions are great, but it was Boo that put the icing on the cake in Pixar’s first go-around. That’s what the second film was lacking.

Just picture Monsters Inc. with just Sully and Mike and that’s exactly what you get with Monsters U. That doesn’t make it a bad thing. Both characters have hilarious interactions with each other in both films. It just means that the sequel doesn’t have as much substance or depth as the first.

Boo or no Boo, you will still get a kick out of Monsters University. It’s pretty funny throughout and does a good job of giving background to Mike and Sully’s years before they became big-shot scarers. If all else fails you can just re-watch the first again. Especially this.

Despicable Me 2:

Another sequel that’s funny in it’s own right, but lacks the substance we saw in the first film.

Like Monsters Inc., Despicable Me was about the relationship between a father-figure and a child (or children). In the second we get a quickly put together love/”I wish we had a mom” story that features an annoying, not very likable character as Gru’s love interest.

But I’m going to tell you to ignore all of that for one reason- MINIONS!

I cannot stress enough how hilarious these minuscule yellow creatures are. They make the entire movie. Everything they do is funny. It’s immature and juvenile humor, yes, but you have to laugh. If you don’t then you really need to learn how to lighten up.

These fun little guys steal the show just like they stole the show (and the moon) in the previous Despicable Me film. In a perfect world we would have a version of these movies that only showed the scenes with minions but for now just suck it up and see the entire movie. The rest of the scenes without minions have their moments but it’s really all about this:

…And this:


2 thoughts on “Mature Immaturity: Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University

  1. I loved DM 2, and have been quite surprised at the lukewarm reviews it has received. Admittedly, it isn’t quite as heart-tugging as Gru’s original transformation, but the movie still has heart. This time it is the struggle of a dad of a girl growing into womanhood, albeit the early stages yet. This is a long and arduous, painful road for many dads, as my husband, father to our daughters 21 and 19, can attest. I think most movie reviewers just haven’t experienced this yet, as one even had the temerity to assess Gru’s reaction as borderline racist. Really?! A dad’s reaction to a smooth-talking boy is based entirely on GENDER, trust me! Loved the movie, and want my own minions! I enjoyed reading your take on it.

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