NYCC Recap!!!

All should hail the awesome phenomenon that is the Comic Con. Too often in life we hear of horrible events occurring at major gatherings. However, Comic Con is perhaps the happiest place on Earth. Within the hallowed halls of the Jacob Javits Center humor, joy, and kindness abound. That is unless you are haggling over the price of a vintage, 19 issue Batman series. Because then it can get serious quick. There are obvious pros such as the cosplay both sexy and psychotic as well as the sneak peek panels. New York’s 2015 Comic Convention was no let down, brining forth a plethora of news and merch for the fans.

Some of the highlights included panels on Ash v. The Evil Dead, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and The X-Files. To start with all three showed their first episodes for the first time anywhere to the New York audience. Reports from viewers give all three shows seller reviews. Moreover there is no shortage of spoilers and tidbits to dish out. Yet as a true fan of the medium and an appreciator of the sanctity of NYCC we’ll only talk about the fun stuff to build excitement. To keep it short and sweet here are the need to knows:

  1. The X-Files has Scully and Mulder living the single life again. Previous film incarnation brought them together and infused the series with heavy extraterrestrial overtones. This first episode provides what you remember while keeping alive that motto “The Truth is Out There”. What you need to see is what truth is out there. Chris Carter the shows creator seems to be taking the series into the modern age with modern socioeconomic issues.
  2. Jessica Jones brings a tough chick attitude television hasn’t seen since Alias. The most important aspect of the project in this authors opinion is its grit. In the early half of the series opener there comes a very provocative scene that sets in motion the tone of the rest of the show. Very rarely do these superhero incarnations tackle the issue of sensuality and romance but the audience has demanded attention be paid. And it is.
  3. Ash vs. The Evil Dead as a concept is something we “Deadite” fans have been clamoring for. Now I was present at the panel and screening. Thus I can tell you with absolute certainty “if you love the Evil Dead trilogy then prepare to fall in love again”. The lights went down and out strode Kevin Smith. Not who you would expect unless you are Comic Con fan. Smith is the master of Panel hosting and drives a wildly entertaining show as a result. Next out were Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi who through a small skit dropped a major bomb by releasing the first episode. It is as groovy as you all remember and as bloody. The panel included the entire top billed cast including Xena herself, Lucy Lawless. Lawless hinted at dusting off her old skills and dealing out some strong ass kickings. Everyone left thrilled and wielding foam chainsaws, so it was a great success.

Tune in to see our reviews of the first episodes.

Stay Glued to the Screen

Neil Carroll


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