Specter of the Past!

It is about time. There has been a generous amount of positive vibes regarding Daniel Craig. He has performed admirably as the suave secret agent. Daniel brought a rough and gritty sense of reality to the role that some claim was missing in previous incarnations. Still, others posit that the existing amount of vigorousness present in the films leading to Craig was just enough. Personally, I subscribe to the latter. There was a great and working formula over a generation old that millions of viewers had been missing during the most recent actor’s stewardship of the role. That is what needs be discussed.

It’s beyond question that the film is and shall continue to be successful. However the origins of this success  are rooted in the formula of old Bond. Specter which is a remnant of the Sean Connery days sparks a return to a forgotten era. The true key here is to remember that we live in the world of Jason Bourne and Sherlock Holmes never the twain shall meet. James Bond is a splendid middle ground of sex, moderate action, and intrigue. Bond’s most recent adventures have tried to hard to be the “Bond Identity”. If it’s not broke don’t fix. Also, let us not forget that Daniel Craig and the geniuses behind the initial reboot Casino Royale weren’t all that brilliant. In fact this has all been tried once before. Remember the oft panned 80s version staring Timothy Dalton. He was the first that tried to bring grit and gruesome to the franchise yet maintained the witty one-liners. As it happens the consensus is that there isn’t room for both. He was a generation early for the role.

Specter brings a familiar twinge of the suave savant. There is an iconic villain dogging James’ steps every inch of the way. His interaction with, in this instance, evildoer Dave Bautista are delicious shadow renditions of the “Odd Job/ Jaws” archetypes. Moreover we see the return of SPOILER ALERT… Blofeld. Hot damn was I excited. This marks the first appearance of the character since 1971’s Diamonds are Forever. All the most beloved tropes returned along with him. The white cat, the eye scar, and the quasi-futuristic clothing choice prove all too glorious.

There do exist some issues with the film but I’m willing forgo them in pursuit of hope. The hope is that Bond 25 which we await on the horizon staring Daniel or not will hold the promise of 007 past. Skyfall was the first step forward making this triumphant gesture known as Specter a possibility. Life has few absolute victories and by no means is this among them but we do appreciate effort and have foresight enough to await the future in delighted wonderment.


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