The Force Awakens!!!

There will be spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo credit: BB-8detail03 via photopin (license)

photo credit: BB-8detail03 via photopin (license)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a perfect film. Everyday walking the globe there are billions of hard working people waiting to be transported to a off this rock and to a new world. It’s been 32 years since the last ship left Earth to carry us to a galaxy far far away. But, boarding has begun and the public is ready. Over three decades have passed waiting for everything to be perfect story, nostalgia factor, and leadership. Director J.J. Abrams takes over the franchise after making several successful voyages aboard the Enterprise but that’s for another day. Abrams made a great transition to the big leagues knowing he holds the fate of the galaxy in his hands.


Trailers and previews are the logical starting point and for this film they are as important as the light sabers and starships. Two points needing explanation are the quantity of events that take place within them and the voice over. Leading up to the release there had been several teaser trailers. All the clips provided more and more tidbits and facts for discussion. The fear in the hearts of fans was that they might have revealed too much. Moreover what they had revealed seemed so large and expansive. Could they accomplish this in appositive and meaningful way? Fin and Rey both introduced in the early trailers and grew throughout created so much buzz. Those two go on to prove that their abilities are far generate far creativity and depth then we could imagine. The scope and tone of the trailers translates magnificently to the film and shocks, as they did not scratch the surface. Finally, Mark Hamill’s voiceover, which astute fans will realize is an updated version of his monologue to Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi. This brought with it ample confusion with the utterance of “My father HAS it”. How could his father have it, you know, in the present tense? Some speculate it is because he lives on through the force. This makes sense having seen him at the close of the above-mentioned movie. However, he goes on to claim “you have that power too”. It must refer to a new character while reminding the audience that Princess Leia also has that power. She demonstrates it as well…but more on that shortly.


Now that the trailers have ended and the movie has begun there are far too many events to cover. Thus, we pick some of the highlights to divulge to some for the first time and explain to other continuing an already impassioned conversation. Let’s begin with the new cast members Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega. Adam driver of Girls fame leads the dark side as the feared ominous sounding Kylo Ren. At no point is he referred to by a traditional Sith title like Darth or Lord yet, it is made clear he is the learner under a supreme evil leader. Kylo idolizes Darth Vader who we learn is his grandfather and shows it by way of his dress, demeanor, and choice of vocal apparatus. Daisy plays the fair-haired sweetheart with a mysterious past hailing from a desert planet (sounds familiar). She crafts the image strength and innocence. While on the subject of the familiar it would appear she might be related to a particular green light saber wielding Jedi. John Boyega who plays Finn the storm trooper with a conscience is the comic relief of the film. That is not to belittle his role in this epic as he supplies the heart of man with a budding crush in his heart.


Our old friends Luke, Leia, Han, and naturally Chewbacca give us just what we’ve been waiting for. Han and Chewy lead this crew of misfit children hurling themselves through the galaxy at great peril. It all starts with their entry to the Millennium Falcon. That blessed ship we all saw ourselves piloting through asteroid fields and trench runs against the death Star makes another appearance. Han delivers the line “Chewy, we’re home” and the tears started flowing freely. They were our guardians welcoming us back the Star Wars universe while grounding it in tradition. Their relationship is perhaps the strongest in any galaxy. The only couple that may rival this bromance for the ages is that of Han and leia. That scruffy looking nerf herder does win the princess yet there is trouble in paradise. After their son strays down the path of evil their relationship is put to the test. When it comes to Luke Skywalker I will tell you the performance he gives in a short scene with no dialogue is Oscar worthy.


As for a review of the film it could be as simple as saying it’s perfect. This flick has drawn some criticism from those that say it’s just a repeat of Episode 4. First, what the hell is wrong with that? It was a great film that had a dash of every spice the audience was looking for. Luke represented the regular guy that discovered within himself a force to propel him to greatness. Han and Chewy were the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of space and Princess Leia was the Wonder Woman for a modern age. We all fell in love with this A New Hope back in 1977 and it launched our love affair George Lucas and Star Wars. Those that would mock or belittle George Lucas must remember that his, is the mind that birthed a giant.


Force Awakens as of this moment has broken almost all major box office records. Moreover, it did so with an uncommon but longtime coming dynamic duo leading couple. John Boyega and Daisy Ridley two young relatively unknown (much like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford circa 77) have rocked the world. Also, let’s put it plainly this is a young strong woman kicking ass and taking names. Harrison Ford maybe the showstopper along with his furry companion but Daisy steals the movie.


Finally, this is the year of the fan film. Exhibit A is the release of Creed. This was a nostalgic return to the Rocky series that acted as a remake and sequel all in one. Star Wars Episode 8 performs a similar service it literally reawakened the fire and passion we had for the series that had lain dormant. Naturally there are small issues and perhaps 6 months from now we can discuss them. However I posit that whatever complaint such as repetition of the “Death Star” theme pales in comparison to the saving service of this movie. Generations have returned to the theater with their grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, as well as children. It may be the only piece of Americana that has touched the lives of so many.


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