The Oscars!!! 88 Years of Awesome

The Oscars finally gave up and stopped even pretending to care about the people the winners thank. That’s right they placed a small ticker tape at the bottom of the screen so the actors could ramble uninterrupted by the love and passion that goes with thanking those responsible for arranging your success. Further, it seems in spite of this innovative way to show the commercialism and superficiality of Hollywood, they still had to play the “get off the stage” theme several times. But let’s talk about the big giant white elephant in the room, you know, the no black nominees situation.

Well as you may have noticed the Oscars were very white or were they. Host Chris Rock brought lampooned the establishment for its lack of diversity. Before just about every presentation came a video clip of Rock roasting the actors and public for not nominating more African Americans. Then Jason Segel and some of the whitest people in the world had to attempt a presentation without looking to uncomfortable (It did not work). The host did a good job and was funny as well yet this oscar show lacked something (no not African Americans). It lacked pizazz, that special flare which “can bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses” in the words of the late Alan Rickman in his turn as Snape.

With the generic opening monologue and gaffs out of the way it’s on to the highlights. We at will leave the red carpet nonsense to the morning shows and focus on the event itself. There was no shortage weirdness to comment on and invoke the “eh” face. First and foremost the the surprise upset that was Mark Rylance over the hollywood heavy weight Sylvester Stallone. Both gave a grate performance but Stallone’s was the story of a lifetime. He created a character that spawned 5 sequels and inspired a writer to conjure the ultimate fan film following the life of Apollo Creed’s son. Adonis Creed who drives the film is coached by the aging Rocky who delivers the needed guidance that can only come from a weathered veteran.

Next came with The Revenant‘s director Alejandro González Iñárritu over Mad Max‘s George Miller. It would be great to honor all nominees with no one above the other. See our post on Mad Max to get a sense of our favorite. I did love the work Alejandro did on Birdman. In between these two upsets came a delivery by the Vice President who promoted awareness for those victimized by nonconsensual sex. He was succinct and “presidential”with his introduction of Lady Gaga’s original song for the cause.

Finally, as was to be expected Leo DiCaprio won for his role as bear wrestler. He had been nominated 6 times previous and in each venture was as deserving as he was this year. He brings passion, depth, range, and uniqueness to every roll. Moreover, he a celebrity that works gracefully and consistently as well as staying clear of scandal. He is an actors actor the quality of which I can only describe as Michael Cain-esc. Michael is another actor that shows up and does the work of transporting us to a place of carefree euphoria.

Stay Glued to the Screen

Neil Carroll


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