Prince Dead at 57

American singer songwriter dead at age 57. Prince was born in the most unlikely of places to spring a master musician, Minneapolis Minnesota. Prince Rogers Nelson as his parents named him rocketed to the top of the billboard charts and the hearts of millions of fans. His Royal Badness had a way of making you feel the right kind of bad while listening to his songs.

Prince hit the scene with little fanfare in 1978 releasing the album, “For You “which landed at 163 on the American. Despite the showing for his first record it was obvious that he would be sticking around. Prince’s self-titled second album jumped right up to number 22. He would stay in the top 100 for the rest of his career with the first number 1 hit flying off the “Purple Rain” album 1984.

Tim Burton’s Batman 1989 saw Prince’s fame reach a height almost no other musician has reached. The mega-star and “Partyman” himself Jack Nicholson danced on screen to Prince’s own soundtrack. This is where the fun begins, 89’s Batman was surrounded by a mania that revived interest in a comic book character and provided the standard for artist based soundtracks. He became the go to artist for those seeking a unique voice in the 80’s. Prince’s sound wasn’t Pop in so much as it was Psychedelic Rock. Further for those lovers out there we all know the not so hidden meaning behind lyrics like “she had a pocket full of horses” and “raspberry beret”. He below the radar smooth daring the public to keep up with his lyrics, style, and attitude.

His explosive performance at the Super Bowl in 2007 educated a whole new generation on how amazing he was. Prince put on a show that dwarfed those that came before him. He rocked the Prince symbol guitar, hit every high note like it was 84 again, and actually made it rain.

He was fun. Listening to Prince was like having a song play that you knew you should turn down when mom came home but could probably get away with. Not to mention his Bowie-esc style of reinventing his music form and persona every few years. Throughout any character he may have played Prince Rogers Nelson was a major philanthropist with a heart ten times larger than his petite size. Given his status as a Jehovah Witness he could never publicize his charity. To put it simply you would need more Little Red Corvettes then you could count to carry the many millions he has donated over the years.

We were glad to have him while we did and regret the ending of an era. If it rains now we know it will be purple.

Stay Glued To The Screen

Neil Carroll


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