Supergirl Rocks!!!

Let’s hit the ground running with this “GIRL” issue. When Supergirl hit the airwaves a year ago there was some backlash over a female being called girl. The smart folks over at Berlanti/ Kreisberg world handled this on day one. They choose Calista Flockhart aka Ally McBeal, to take over the role of Cat Grant. She leads a multimedia firm the likes of the Daily Planet. As a powerful human woman she delivers the following nugget of wisdom, “I’m a girl and your boss, and rich, and powerful, and hot, and smart”. Ladies and Gentlemen she’s absolutely right. Put aside for the moment that Calista is still very attractive she portrays Cat Grant with poise and power actually giving Supergirl a role model. So the long and short is… don’t be so uptight and just enjoy Supergirl cause it’s awesome.

Now on to why this show is so excellent. Apart from the continued tradition of DC heroes being performed better on television than on the big screen Supergirl is unique. Among the myriad of superhero shows there are few starring ladies. Jessica Jones from the Marvel Universe is a bit rough around the edges. Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El is the family friendly but totally kick ass lady the CW was in need of. Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg fill their CW creations with heart and heroism.

In season one alone we saw themes stressing the importance of Family, Friendship, Trust and Self Confidence. Like The Flash, Supergirl has this bright aura of fun. The Arrow, which is equally enjoyable, has darker tone in the same vein as Batman.

To this point we have seen all the favorites of the franchise kryptonite, Krypton, and the Fortress of Solitude. That is also the benefit of a Supergirl or Arrow; they can make use of the rouges gallery and elements that are recognizable to their more famous counterparts. One such counterpart makes an appearance in season two… Superman! In fact the Superman from TV is the Superman we have been waiting for in the movies. Tyler Hoechlin is that mild mannered Midwestern pretty boy we have been missing.

My particular favorite came in episode one of season two. The moment when Cat Grant yelled out “Ms. Teschmacher”!!! I let out an audible shout of approval. This character from the comics and films usually works for Lex Luther. Perhaps that is coming down the road but if not hearing the familiar bellows and hurried response was delightful.

Don’t skip out on this great show.


Stay Glued to the Screen

Neil Carroll


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