Guardians 2 Still Rockin’

photo credit: Gage Skidmore <a href="">Michael Rooker & Chris Pratt</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Michael Rooker & Chris Pratt via photopin (license)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is another home run. This one didn’t make it all the way out of the park but definitely got all the players home. It’s a compilation of expertly crafted elements making as expected, an awesome movie experience. The first ten minutes or so seemed ominous, like maybe they screwed the franchise up. Don’t worry the overuse of bad CGI is temporary. It does give us some time to view the most adorable thing ever on the silver screen, Baby Groot. Baby Groot steals virtually every scene he is in. Moving from the former hard-hitting absentminded member of the group to the overactive puppy needing constant supervision.


As expected Guardians delivers the best soundtrack of the year. Consider the impact of the first movie on soundtracks that have followed. DC’s Suicide Squad actually went back and added name brand classic rock to the film and trailers. Every preview before this film made a point of featuring mega hits. Each song was pitch perfect for the scene and attitude of the audience. Marvel Studios has figured it out. They know what their movies are and what they aren’t. Guardians is goofy, fun, and doesn’t take itself too serious.


The guardians may not take themselves seriously but there are some serious moments in this flick. The main theme is fathers and sons (captured perfectly by Cat Stevens Father and Son). Yondu played by the great Michael Rooker makes a triumphant return to teach lessons and kick ass. Kurt Russell plays a pitch perfect ego the living planet. As always in B horror movies or sci-fi flicks like “Big Trouble in Little China” he knows how to strike the perfect balance of comedy and gravity.


The plot while interesting at times seemed sluggish. It could always use some of that first Guardians of the Galaxy spontaneity. The problem with being the sequel is we’ve seen all the tricks. That’s the key when discussing Guardians Vol 2. It was fun; it had a message, and most of all it kept us wanting more. The problem is we wanted more in the moment and we wanted it to come faster. Also, it seemed like they were testing out the rest of the cast. Chris Pratt spent most of his time off-screen. He had the biggest storyline with the most twists and turns yet; we saw more of the other guardians. They did not disappoint and there seem to be only one or two weak links. But for a sequel with this price tag it makes you wonder, how will they maintain such a large ensemble in the future?

You definitely need to see this movie! This flick is fun not just for your child but for the parents as well. Not since “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” have we been able to enjoy adult humor, animation, and goofy antics all rolled into one cinematic experience. Don’t expect to be as surprised as you were in the first volume, but definitely expect to be entertained. And if you feel the need to go to the bathroom about an hour in don’t worry your not to miss anything. Just make sure you’re your back in your seat for the last 20 minutes.

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Neil Carroll


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